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Buying Individual Health Insurance

With the passage of time, the mindset of people seeking health insurance has been changed to the great extent. Of late, people are no longer getting their health insurance coverage through their employers or government-assisted insurance plans. In fact, they are opting private individual health insurance plans which are specifically designed in order to accomplish their specific needs and circumstances.

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Overview of individual health insurance
Individual health insurance is also commonly known as personal health insurance or private health insurance. The plan is suitable for people who are not covered by their employers. Family health insurance plan, where you, your spouse and your kids are all with a same plan, is still referred as an individual health plan. The plan has been considered icing on the cake foe people who are not covered by the plans of their employers. Self-employed, unemployed or a student advised to get covered by family medical insurance. Individual or family health plans is available for newborns to the seniors at age 65.

Before buying an individual health insurance plan
Your healthcare needs and preferences will decide the type of plan that is suitable for you and your family. In fact, the market is packed with a number of health coverage types to choose from - PPO, HMO, Health Savings Accounts, and Indemnity plans. Insurance seekers are advised to research properly before buying any health insurance products as it plays a vital role in getting a suitable and economical plan. Now selecting individual health insurance has become easy as our professionals help people to buy a pan according to their needs and requirements. In fact, they also bring the information they need to choose a plan, and quote comparisons making them able to find the best rates.

A concerned and well-informed consumer always thinks that group health insurance plan is a better choice for individuals and families. Given that a major portion of premium is paid by the employer, it does not seem to be an incorrect perception. However, group health insurance policies often have limited benefits as compared to individual health insurance plans bought independently.

At the same time, it becomes a cumbersome task to get individual health insurance from insurers. However, if consumers pay some attention, they can quickly learn how to buy individual and family medical insurance plans effectively.

How to compare individual health insurance policies
If a consumer takes care of the following suggestions, the task of finding a suitable insurance plan is not difficult at all:

  • How much is the premium to be paid monthly? This is a very basic questions and more often than not, individual customers are concerned about this aspect of their purchase rather than seeking the level of medical coverage needed.
  • How much is the coverage provided for doctor and hospital bills? This is the major portion of the costs involved in any individual health insurance plan.
  • How much is the amount of deductible? Deductibles are the amount to be paid by the consumers before the insurance company starts paying.
  • How much is the copay? Copayment or copay is the share of cost that the consumer needs to pay to get coverage for a particular healthcare service. It is important to notice this aspect of any health insurance policy because some coverage types are really not needed and there is no point in paying for those coverage types.
  • Does the plan pay for preventive health care? An individual health insurance policy should encourage and cover preventive measures.
  • Does the plan have rules for people having pre-existing conditions? With the implementation of healthcare reforms, the regulations about pre-existing conditions are changing. Consumers should make sure they are updated about the same before they choose any individual health insurance.
  • Does the plan cover visits to the eye doctor and the dentist? Some consumers might need these cover integrated in the individual health insurance policy. The premium rise for these cover is the main point that consumers should consider because sometimes, it is not worthwhile to get this cover rather than paying for it directly.
  • Does this plan provide coverage for prescription drugs? This is of course a very important point to be checked by the consumers before they could finalize any individual health insurance policy.
  • Is there a yearly or lifetime limit to how much the plan will pay for medical costs? The healthcare reforms mandate that insurance companies can't impose life-time limits on the coverage they provide. Consumers should be aware of this clause and should demand if the insurance company refuses to follow this new directive.

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