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Health Insurance Texas

Shortly after 6 months of passing the Affordable Care Act in the House, changes were creeping up in the health insurance plans of the Texans. Even if the federal reforms were opposed by the government, it began to implement the Act in compartments. As it was expected, after the initial barriers crossed, the Act would start making inroads in the way users choose their health plans.

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Over 42,000 senior residents Texans were paid with a one-time rebate cheque for $250 for their Medicare health plans by the Act that was enacted by the Congress. This discount will have its impact in reducing the cost of the prescribed drugs for the policies that have hit the donut hole. Previously, the Texans, around 2.8 million in number paid in full the prescription drug fees even when they had availed the Medicare.

Those who have enrolled in Texas Medicare also can get preventive health services like, flu vaccines, and mammogram and cancer screenings. They could also avail wellness visit with no burden of co-pays, co-insurance or deductibles.

As for the youth, they can avail their parents' health insurance plan up to 26 years of age. Under this, low income health insurance Texas, over 161.000 young adults will have medical coverage even during their pursuit of higher education or a preferable job.

Children below 19 will have a ban on discrimination based on their medical status. All the children with pre-existing condition will be benefitted from these health insurance Texas. In 2014, this provision will also be applicable for also the adults. Until then, through federal funding of $ 493 million, they could purchase these health plans through a high risk pool program.

The protection given by the new health laws Texas to both the patients and beneficiaries of these health insurance Texas are:

1 . Allowing them to retain the plan as per their wish.
2. New entrants can choose their own participating primary care provider.
3. in the case of emergencies, no prior authorization is needed. This also applies when Texas women consults ob-gyn.
4. Both men and women are treated alike and women also pay the same medical coverage as that of men with similar age and health status.
5 . There will be a close monitoring of the annual out-of-pocket expenses and the insurance companies are banned from placing lifetime limits. Millions of Texans will not have to pay a huge amount from their pockets even after having health insurance plan Texas coverage.

Texans who rely on government sponsored health coverage, will get access to better services by these health reforms.

a) The existing Community Health Centers will be allocated dollars to serve patients and more centers will be constructed
b) In the next five years, to benefit 12% of the Texas residents who live in underserved areas, $1.5 billion will be funded to the National Health Service Corps
c) To accommodate more Texans with low income, the eligibility for the Medical aid will be made more flexible.

Below are some tips that could be helpful for consumers to buy Low Income health insurance Texas

. If possible, consumers should try to seek coverage through the employer or past employer. Without doubt, it is the most economical way to get health insurance coverage apart from the government plans.
. Medicaid is a wonderful program run by the federal government. Consumers should check whether they qualify for Medicaid? If the consumers qualify for this, there is no need look beyond this program.
. It is also advisable to apply for health insurance coverage through the Texas Health Insurance Pool. With this option, low income health insurance texas could become a reality.
. While buying Low Income health insurance Texas from private insurers, consumers should try to compare different quotes. This helps in the assessment process.