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Health Insurance South Carolina

More than 1.3 million residents in South Carolina are uninsured, 75% of whom have had no coverage for six months or longer. As compared to those own health plans, the uninsured in the state of South Carolina:

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  • Receive less preventive and primary care
  • Are diagnosed for diseases at a much later stage
  • Even after diagnosis receive less therapeutic care
  • Have higher rate of mortality

Prior to the passing of the Affordability Act, the residents of South Carolina have also faced disparities in their health plans. The groups that were marginalized preceding the health reforms are:

1. Women had to pay more to receive the same healthcare facilities as their male counterparts. According to the Kaiser foundation, women also were disproportionately affected by lack of preventive services and were less likely to receive long-term healthcare
2. People of color in South Carolina were less likely to receive insurance through work as they most had access to low end jobs
3. Families, USA reports that 43.5% of African Americans and 66.6%of Hispanics/Latinos were without health plans in the year 2009.
4. People with HIV/ AIDS will did not have access to health plans as they were discriminated on the basis of their pre-existing medical condition
If the health reforms are not implemented, it could adversely affect the health budget of South Carolina as well.

  • The congressional Budget Office estimates that of the new provisions are repealed, then the South Carolina could deficits of about $455 billion
  • As there would be no guarantee that more residents will have access to health plans, the costs of healthcare facilities and premiums will continue to increase while the coverage offered on policies could get more restricted
  • 57, 896 small business firms which would have benefitted from tax credits will have to pay more to offer health insurance to their employees at work

Apart from affecting the state and the health budget, the health reforms will affect the residents of South Carolina on a more personal level as well.

1. 18,100 young adults in South Carolina will be able to stay in their parents' health plans till the age of 26, freeing them of tension of medical coverage when they are studying or looking for work
2. Children below the age of 18 will not be denied coverage on the basis of their pre-existing health conditions. This provision will bring in relief to about a million kids in South Carolina
3. Adults with a questionable health history will be able to purchase affordable health plans through a high-risk pool program that has a federal funding of $74.3 million. This program will be valid till 2014 when discrimination against adults with pre-existing health conditions will also become illegal

The Affordability Act will also bring in more money for the Community Health Centers, National Health Service Corps and the government sponsored Medicaid to serve 14% of the population of South Carolina who live in underserved areas.