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Though Missouri has rejected the health reform bills, the state will reap the maximum rewards from the new health laws. Hospitals and healthcare providers who serve the poor and the underserved will be encouraged through funds and tax credits. Apart from the community, individuals stand to gain from their health plans too. Here is an overview on how purchasing an health plan in Missouri would become easier and cheaper after the health reforms are implemented in full effect.

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  • Unmarried children in Missouri will be able to stay in their parents' coverage till they turn 26. This provision will ensure that young adults in the state have access health plans while they are studying or seeking jobs, without having to worry about costly premiums.
  • Children below 19 will not discriminated on the basis of pre-existing conditions. This will be applicable to adults of Missouri by 2014. For the time being, a federal fund worth $81.3million will be available through a high risk pool that will ensure that people with medical conditions have affordable coverage. Insurance carrier cannot randomly drop residents from coverage when they fall sick. It will protect the 335,000 residents who have bought their health plans from fraud insurance practices
  • . There will be an external and detailed appeal process which an applicant can opt for in cases of dispute or denial of claims.
  • Residents will have access to preventive healthcare facilities such as flu vaccines, mammograms and vaccinations free of cost.

The Act will be implemented completely by 2014 and that is when residents of Missouri will witness a lot more advantages on their health plans including:

  • Mandatory health insurance for all residents of Missouri and those who remain uninsured will be fined.
  • Medicaid will be extended to a large number of people from the low-income bracket, irrespective of age, gender or health and family status.
  • Tax subsidies will be provided to encourage 94,300 small firms in Missouri to provide group health plans at work .Tax subsidies will also be given individuals and families who purchase medical policies. Large companies, with 50 or more employees, will have to compulsorily provide health insurance to their workers or pay fine.
  • A state based health Exchange will also be formed that will provide residents with affordable health plans at competitive prices. Federal funding will be given towards the building of new Community Health Centers and for strengthening National Health Service Corps. This will help 19% of Missouri's population that lives in underserved areas access to primary and preventive healthcare services.