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Low Income Health Insurance Louisiana

Residents of Louisiana can choose from a wide range of health insurance Louisiana plans provided by reputed players in the industry. In most cases, the existing health insurance Louisiana plans offered by the employers either do not offer adequate coverage or do not meet the specific needs of the people covered. Therefore, most people these days prefer buying independent health insurance plans that suit their requirements, coverage needs and budget.

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Most insurance companies in the state research on the health history of the purchasers and their family seeking coverage. It is but natural that the insurance coverage will be denied to people with pre existing health conditions. In such cases, the state's high-risk pool or the Louisiana Health Plan can come as a solace. HIPAA-eligible residents can also go in for coverage from this health insurance plan administered by the Louisiana state. Louisiana health insurance law has made it compulsory that all the health plans offered in the state must offer coverage to certain important health care services including medical care for clinical cancer trials; screening for breast, cervical, prostate, and colorectal cancer; care for pregnant women, hearing aids for children and vaccinations for children. In addition, all the health insurance Louisiana companies and plans are directed by the Louisiana state to cover severe mental illnesses and provide equal coverage for mental health conditions as offered for physical health conditions.

Residents with low income in the Louisiana state looking forward to get low income health insurance Louisiana coverage can conveniently choose from a number of state sponsored health insurance plans. The Louisiana Medicaid program provides coverage for disable citizens and low-income individuals, families, and children. LaCHIP is the Children's Health Insurance Program of the Louisiana State, which offers health insurance coverage for the children of low-income families who are not able to qualify for Medicaid. Louisiana Breast and Cervical Cancer Program offer free breast and cervical cancer screening coverage for women in the low-income group in addition to offering complete health coverage for the diseases through Medicaid. Louisiana Medicare is a unique health care program for senior citizens. In addition, the Federal Health Coverage Tax Credit provides the tax credit money to the Louisiana trade workers and early retirees to pay their health plan premiums.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has directed the setting up of the Louisiana Health Insurance High Risk Pool that comes to the aid of Louisiana residents reported with pre-existing health conditions.

Some of the most prominent and reputed companies that offer low income health insurance Louisiana plans include Aetna Health Insurance, Assurant Health Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Health Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Health Insurance, Celtic Health Insurance, Coventry Health Care Health Insurance, Golden Rule Health Insurance, Great American Health Insurance, Humana Health Insurance, John Alden Health Insurance, Time Insurance Health Insurance, Time Short Term Health Insurance, UnitedHealthOne Health Insurance, UnitedHealthcare Health Insurance and WorldIns ExpressMed Health Insurance. However, health insurance buyers in the state need to read the coverage options of the various insurance plans before purchasing the one that suits their budget.