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If you are a resident of Colorado Springs and are worried about the rates of your individual health plans going up post the reforms, then you are needlessly worrying about it. Though there are reports that the premiums will rise over the next few years, there are indications that the reforms will lower down the costs.

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Being the resident of Colorado Springs, there are a few surprises up in sleeves for your individual health plans. Premiums could go down by 14- 20% overall. Tax credits will also be available to the residents of Colorado Springs that could further depreciate the rate of premiums of individual health plans. Individual also do not have to pay more in co-pays and deductibles as there would be a cap on how much a person pays from his pocket.

Residents in Colorado Springs will also be able to access a host of other benefits that are a part of individual health plans. This will include prevention and wellness benefits at no extra cost, recommended vaccinations and access to the state based Health Exchange. Individuals in Colorado Springs will also be able to choose their own doctor from the participating providers.

For the women of Colorado Springs, the Affordability Act has brought in even better news. They would no longer be required to have prior authorization before they visit ob-gyn. Also, in an individual health plan, women will not have pay more as compared to men. They will pay the same premium as that of a man of the same age and health status.

For the common man of Colorado Springs, the Affordability Act may seem severe with its mandatory health plans. The citizens can access managed healthcare plans that are not too heavy on the pockets. These managed health plans offer the most primary and preventive healthcare facilities. There are various types of managed plans offered by various insurers in the Colorado Springs and depending on the need and affordability; a resident can choose a policy that suits his financial and health needs.

The reforms aim to aim to bring down the costs on health plans by:

  • Regulating the amount that residents pay on premiums and co-pays
  • Banning the cap on lifetime limits on policies
  • Providing coverage to more residents and thus bring down the administrative cost that each individual has to pay
  • Diminishing the hidden health tax

The residents of the Colorado Springs do not have to worry about increasing premiums and rising healthcare costs. Though it may seem to be rising initially, the costs will soon be controlled and citizens will have access to more affordable healthcare.