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Low Income Health Insurance Arizona

Arizona has an uninsured population of more than 1.3 million. 281,000 residents have non-group and expensive health plans. The health reforms, however, will change these numbers drastically, making healthcare coverage accessible to a larger number of Arizonian residents.

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Under the new Affordability Act in Arizona:

  • Almost a million people who are uninsured and those who have expensive health plans will able to access more affordable health coverage through the state-based Exchange

  • 853,000 senior citizens in the state who own a Medicare policy will receive preventive services at no cost

  • 151,000 senior Arizonians will pay only half the price on their brand-name drug costs

  • Small business will be given tax credits when they offer coverage at work. This will encourage 63,700 firms to offer group Health Insurance plans to their employees.

Post the reforms, 6.5 million residents of Arizona will be benefitted in the following ways:

  • Increased consumer protection for the residents as there would be a ban on lifetime limits, cap on annual out-of-pocket expenses of the beneficiaries and no one can be randomly dropped from coverage when they fall sick unless there is a serious case of deliberate forgery
  • A high risk pool worth $129 million dollars will ensure that 8% of the population with diabetes and 25% who have high blood pressure will able to access affordable healthcare even though they have pre-existing conditions
  • The Act will ensure that people in Arizona access preventive services for no free through their Health Insurance plans.
  • Rescission will be severely monitored to ensure that people in Arizona are not dropped from coverage when they fall sick. This will also protect the 281,000 residents who have bought their health plans from dishonest insurance practices.
  • Insurance companies also have to put in place an appeal process that residents in Arizona can make use of when there is a denial of claim or any dispute over the Health Insurance Arizona plans.
  • Children will be able to stay in their parents' coverage till they turn 26. This will save the 30,900 young adults from having to pay for coverage when they are studying or looking for jobs.

The state will also receive more funding to serve the community. There will be increased funding towards Community Health Centers so that they can serve more number of patients. National Health Service Corps will receive $1.5 billion over the next five years to serve 16% of the Arizona population. More federal dollars will also come in for Medicaid so that it can accommodate more people from the Low Income Health Insurance Arizona bracket. This will be done by making the criteria more flexible.

Health insurance quotes in Arizona
The main motive of a health insurance quote is to provide the consumer an idea about details of a plan-it acts like a preview of the contents of a health insurance plan. For Low Income health insurance Arizona, comparing various quotes becomes important because all the decisions, costs and responsibilities are on the Low Income only.

Unlike group health insurance, Low Income health insurance Arizona involves payment of premiums all alone. So, it is utterly important for Low Incomes to shop around, get various quotes, compare them and then decide to buy any particular health insurance plan.

While comparing health insurance quotes in Arizona, it is important to pay attention to the level of medical coverage provided. This is basically what you need against what you are getting. Moreover, the level of medical coverage will also affect the costs involved in any given health insurance plan.

Some companies also offer consultancy for Low Income health insurance Arizona to buy health insurance policies. Talking to their representatives could be a good idea because it helps consumers getting a peep inside various health insurance plans.

Consumer should not adopt a shy-theory where they are unable to pose questions and tell their doubts-asking questions and understanding the terms and conditions help in landing on the most suitable health insurance plan in Arizona.