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Low Income Health Insurance Alabama

Purchasing health plans in Alabama will have a new meaning after the health reforms are in place. For all the residents of the state, buying medical policy will be a more lucrative option, no matter what their age, sex or profession is.

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For those individuals earning $200,000 or families with a household income of more than $250,000, they now have to pay 2.38% in Medicare taxes and 3.8% on investment incomes.

However, most Alabamians will not be affected by the hike as only 3.1 % of the population, or 37,800 families to be precise, who earn more than the stipulated amount.

Purchasing health plans will soon become mandatory in the state of Alabama and those who do not adhere to it will be fined about 2.5 % of their family income. Residents will also face tax penalties if the employer does not provide them access to health insurance policies and they do not have one of their own as well.

If a resident is not offered health coverage at work, then it will not serve as an excuse to escape from fines. A cheaper alternative will be to buy health plans from the state based Exchange where policies will be available at the most competitive market prices.

For those residents who could not access health plans due to their pre-existing health conditions, there is a high risk pool worth %69.1 million that will help them get coverage at more affordable prices. Children will not be denied coverage on the basis of health status and this will extend to adults in 2014.

Every resident in Alabama who earns up to 133% of the federal poverty level will be eligible for Medicaid. The state will receive 100% federal funding to provide coverage to everybody in the low-income group.

Children in Alabama who are looking for work or are studying do not have to worry about paying premiums for their individual policies. They will be stay in their parents' coverage till they turn 26.

The state of Alabama will also receive federal dollars to :

  • Increase the number of patients served by the Community Health centers. This will be done by building more centers and increasing the patient intake in each center.
  • The National Health Service Corps. The Corps will receive $1.5 billion over the next five years to serve the 19% of the population of Alabama that lives in underserved areas.
  • The Medicaid program so that it is able to accommodate more people from the low-income group irrespective of age, disability or family status.

A temporary fund of $5 billion will also be available to the 108,000 residents of Alabama who have retired early. The fund will help them get affordable health plans through their previous employers.

Some Point about Health insurance quotes in Alabama

Health insurance Alabama are readily available-fee based and managed healthcare programs are the main two types. It goes without saying that each of these Health insurance plans is different in their coverage and cost. This is where the importance of Health insurance quotes becomes prominent and plays a vital role in defining which health insurance plan you would like to buy.

Almost all insurance experts of Alabama would recommend to the consumers to avail multiple Health insurance quotes like Low Income Health insurance Alabama from different companies. This helps in making sure that you know what is being offered in the market. Though prior to going to the market for shopping, you need to sit and decide what are your own requirements? This would mean the type of coverage you would require. Once you have got some Low Income Health insurance Alabama quotes, you can compare the prices and see whether they fall in the range of your own budget.

While sorting various quotes of Health insurance Alabama, make sure that you read and understand each and every term used in that paper. Lots of customers take things granted and believe that a particular type of coverage would be provided. However, this is not the case. Whatever is written in the Health insurance Alabama quote would be the only thing provided-nothing more nothing less. So, it becomes imperative on your part that you read and understand every line of every Health insurance quote before you make your final choice.