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Avera Health Plans

Avera Health Plans are popular and awarded with Certificate of Authority for its mission and ethics. It actively promotes and operates as a HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) in the regions of Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. It is an entirely owned subsidiary of the renowned Avera Health with its central office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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The network of Avera Health offers a range of services such as health care professionals, hospitals, specialists and primary care providers that aims to cater the health care needs of individuals in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Avera Health Plans are framed to provide comprehensive health benefits to the individuals. Its missions are highly inspired by the Christian values. By following the values it strives to maintain quality services and cast a positive impact on the health and lives of the individuals.

Besides its values, the Avera Health Plans also focuses to be a consistent health insurance and financing services provider with the support of a highly advanced integrated care delivery system.

Avera Health Plans are formed to achieve its set objectives that are mentioned below:

  • It aims to become one of the most easily affordable and innovative health care network
  • To become a leading Health Maintenance Organization
  • To provide excellent Point of Service products
  • To develop novel Products pertaining to health promotion, disease prevention, enlightening health education, screening of disease and diagnose of disease in the early stage
  • To foster a long-term relationship with providers who share a common vision to promote health care services and enhance health care delivery system.

The values of Avera Health Plans are also formed with the purpose to guide the activities of its staff and participating providers. The values of the plans are: Compassion, Hospitality, Stewardship that are related to the Christian values.

Avera Health plans also ensures that its members should be guided properly and assisted by a primary care physician related to their health issues. It highly emphasizes in establishing a bond on trust and cooperation among all parties to achieve its objectives. Such coordination has helped the insurer in delivering excellent health care needs in an effective and simple manner.

Avera offers health benefit plans for individuals that are highly beneficial and also easily understood. From its range of Health Plans, you can choose a health insurance plan that best suit your budget and requirements.

Availing the benefits of Avera Health Plans is simple. If you are not a member but willing to become one just check out its eligibility criteria. Moreover, if you confront any hassle while understanding health plans in a better way, then do not hesitate to call the customer care support. With the constant scaling in the costs in health care industry, considering Avera Health Plans is a wise decision to control costs and ensure that you get the best health cover.