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Aetna Health Insurance

Aetna Health Plans is a renowned name in the health insurance industry and offers a range of typical and consumer-directed health products. It also provides health related services that include

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  • Disability plans
  • Pharmacy
  • Behavioural health
  • Medical
  • Health care management
  • Medical management capabilities

It also frames health plans for individuals, employer groups, self-employed, governments, labor groups, part-time employees and expatriates. To cater the needs of each individual and groups, the health plans are formulated keeping in view the varied necessities.

Aetna Health Plans are formulated with the objective to create a better health care system. It also aims to provide information and resources to its members so that they can take informed decisions pertaining to their health. The mission of the health plans is to benefit the society with quality health services at easily affordable price. To promote its health plans and make them effective Aetna Health works in sync with public officials, patients, doctors, employers and more. Aetna Health Plans can be purchased either through an employer or directly from the insurer. Its health plans are available in the states:
Before buying coverage for your family, employees or on your own, it is always advised to read the documents carefully. However, as an Aetna Health member, an individual is entitled to avail prompt personal support, access to wide range of doctors and specialists within the specific regions, tools to manage the benefits and know more about health, programme and products of every stage of hid/her life. Members can also view claim information on its official website.

Individuals can also buy health insurance directly from Aetna for their family. For its members it also provides Aetna Health Plan choices that includes Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Highly Deductible Preferred Provider Organisation, Preventive and Hospital Care, Aetna Open Access Managed Choice and Aetna Choice Point of Services that intends to help an individual under the benefits of the Aetna Health Plans in a better way and choose the right plan. For instance: the Preferred Provider Organization Value comes with an easily affordable price with lower monthly premiums and also provides quality health coverage.

Applying for Aetna Health Plans is simple and easy. An individual can directly apply for the plans just by filling the online application form with the required details. Moreover, there are tools provided that helps an individual to get the price quote of the chosen plan.